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2-Min 2uesday--Point A 2PointBe in 2:00... To be In Transit is to be Transported

In Transit.

In Transition.

The beauty and power of being In Transit is to be in the act of being Transported.

In this moment, my house has a table and chairs crammed into a corner of the living room. A couple of the chairs on top of the table. A couple more are stacked, one upside down on the other, as if it is closing time at a restaurant. On the opposite end of this wall, the corner is completely empty. Awaiting a love seat that will be one of a few pieces of furniture that will be delivered from my mom's place. I have rearranged two or three different rooms worth of furniture. It's not only an act of making room; it's an act of holding space.

My house is on one end of this transition. My mom, in oh so many ways, is on the other. My mom's life has been more than a little rearranged. And by the end of this week, she will move into the first place she's ever lived as an adult without my dad.

In Transit.

The power of the transition.

Of being In Transit.

Of being conveyed from one place to another.

My siblings are both currently In Transit, making their ways east. My sister and brother-in-law from Wichita. My brother all the way from Pheonix. Like me, they are part of the larger In Transit process: Getting our mom from her condo and into her brand spanking new apartment. To begin her next chapter. It was a chapter written without her permission, and yet she is now given the opportunity to be her own author once again.

So this week we are all In Transit together. And individually.

Collectively, and each in our own ways.

In transit in a way we can do meaningfully as a family; in transit in ways that must be done in one's own heart.

Transititions are often minimized. Or even overlooked completely. They are the Special Teams players of the seasons of our lives.

We are often in such a rush to get from Point A to Point B that we gloss over or even completely miss the important phase that gets us there. We get so fixed on the outcomes that we fail to appreciate the efforts. Sometimes we even say things like, "I just want this to be over," as if hoping we can skip to the end of the book to see how it all ends.

I now want to be fully aware of the importance of transitions. To appreciate them not only as necessary, but as meaningful as well.

I believe we are In Transit in our country. And I'm more than a little curious as to where we'll land. If only for a millisecond, before we are in motion again. Of course we were all anxious for the Pandemic to be over. And it is important to note that we will be in a Post-Pandemic transition for a number of years; every single aspect of our lives was impacted. Therefore every aspect of our lives is adjusting, changing, en route from one way of being to another. And it will continue to do so.

I have said many times now -- to myself, especially -- "If you're just looking to get through it, you're missing the point."

So here's to the bridge that gets us from one side of the chasm to the other. The bridge itself is neither Point A, nor Point B, but it transports us.

Here's to the season-within-the-season as late-winter winter provides a "Coming Attractions" preview of spring. But yet, it's still winter.

Here's to the perfectly crafted sentence that signals to the reader something new is coming, but connects us to what we just experienced.

Here's to the key change in a piece of music; it builds off of what was and provides new energy and anticipation for what is coming next.

Here's to The Pause, the Breath, the moment that occupies the space between stimulus and response.

Here's to the realization that we can separate the effort from the expectations of "the way things should be."

Here's to the power of being In Transit. Of being transported from Point A to Point B.

Here's to Point Be.

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